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Fanfiction (Off-LJ content provided by: a03_swtor, ao3_dragonage, ao3_kotor, ao3_masseffect, and others)
Dragon Age
Never Trust a Vint by DragonoftheDark [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Krem, Dorian,Iron Bull, Sera | NR]
Unfortunate Consequences of Passion by JustJasper [Iron Bull/Dorian | X]
A Slight Preview by DustToDust [Dorian/Cullen | T]
When In Doubt, Consult a Dragon by spirrum [F!Hawke/Fenris, Merrill, Flemeth | T]
You Were Blushing. It Was Adorable. by DeviantRhapsode [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Sera, Varric, Iron Bull | X]
The Nights by dontknowcats [F!Inquisitor/Cullen | G]
love underground by aliciawonderland [F!Aeducan/Zevran | G]
Mucky Little Books by madamebadger [F!Adaar/Sera | M]
Your choice by 4247 [Hawke/Anders | T | Character Death]
Zevran the Great by lionhalla [F!Mahariel/Zevran | NR]
His End of Days by Ezno [Iron Bull/Dorian, M!Adaar/Sera, Halward Pavus | X]
Waiting in Agony by KethriHolmes [F!Lavellan/Cullen, Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Dorian, Iron Bull, Corypheus | G]
I See the Moon by sanitysrebellion [Carver,Varric, Anders, F!Hawke | G]
Chantry Boys ★ by elfroot [Alistair/Cullen | X]
A Good Idea by Danruu [F!Trevelyan/Cullen | X]
To Start Again by reddish [F!Brosca/Blackwall | M]
Until the Katari returns me to Kadan by carmelitilla [F!Cousland/Alistair, F!Cousland/Sten, Fergus | G]
Hate by speedgriffon [F!Trevelyan/Cullen | X]
Dead by betweenfactandbreakfast [M!Lavellan/Dorian, Cassandra, Varric | M]
Сразить дракона by alorine [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Cole, Dorian, Cassandra | T]
Что мне известно о любви by alorine [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Cole |M]
Porcelain and Iron by ShadowSHearth [F!Trevelyan/Iron Bull | X]
How Far Can It Fly? by Hallow_Eve [F!Lavellan/Iron Bull, Krem, Varric, Cassandra, Blackwall, Cole | T]
Busting Out At the Seams by mmesnappysnips (evil_lyte) [F!Adaar, Varric, Cole, Sera, Iron Bull, Blackwall, Cassandra, Cullen, Krem | M]
splitting unicorn hairs by theappleppielifestyle [M!Trevelyan/Dorian, Varric, Cole | M]
Of Poncy Assassins and Manipulative Frenemies by NicePumpkinSpice [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Dorian, Iron Bull, Josephine | T]
Lonely and fragile ghosts. by Spiltlava [M!Lavellan/Cullen | T]
Growing Up by Evil_Sapphyre [F!Trevelyan | T]
Strip Tease by BreLakor, crimsonadvent, SlaveToTheMocha, theblackdash [F!Lavellan/Fen'Harel, F!Lavellan/Solas |X]
Training Exercise by sea [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Dorian | X]
Friends, Foes, and Lovers by Saphir [Cassandra/Varric |T]
Neglegted Space by devilsadvocate [Solas | G]
Gifts From The Dead by SooraLavellan [F!Lavellan/Solas, Fen'Harel, Mythal, Abelas, OFCs | G]
For the Honor of Josie-Posey by Nerdymum [M!Inquisitor/Josephine, Iron Bull, Leliana, Krem | T]
Don't Call Me Holy by rayeliann [F!Trevelyan/Cullen |T]
At the end of the day by tevintersass [M!Hawke, Varric, Anders, Merrill | T]
Another Point of View by Elandri [F!Tabris/Alistair | T]
A Breach, But an Expansion by MinervaDashwood (OrangeGrass) [F!Cadash/Iron Bull | M]
A Bed of Roses (Thorns and All) by AsheRhyder [Iron Bull/Dorian, F!Lavellan, ]
A Little Self-Love Never Hurt Nobody by sawbones [Anders/Anders | X]
Introductions At Haven by hinotoriii [M!Trevelyan/Dorian | G]
Paint Splotched by HeroMaggie [Fenris/Anders, Merrill | T]
Venture Forth by heartslogos [Warden/Alistair, Dog | G]
i need you now somehow by HermioneDanger [Dorian/Cullen | X]
Heat and Blur by ElGatoMuerte [M!Trevelyan/Cole | T]
little imperfections by keskasi [F!Surana/Alistair, Zevran, Wynne, Leliana | G]
Unexpected [PODFIC] by Opalsong [Krem/Dorian | M]
Rings by firnae [M!Hawke/Anders | G]
Dear Warden by Anon_Omis [F!Cousland/Zevran | X]
glittered like the sun by mickleborger [Bartrand, Varric | G]
The Broma Brothers: Encore by bamftastik [Zevran/Oghren, Leliana | G]
Cullen Rutherford: Human Disaster by mintytoothpaste [Dorian/Cullen | T]
Wedding Day by Bandshe [F!Surana/Zevran, Alistair, Leliana | X]
intents and compulsions (a sickness in us) by mmmwhatchasay [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Samson | T]
Catching Cold by Farashe [F!Inquisitor/Cullen, F!Lavellan/Solas, M!Inquisitor/Dorian, F!Inquisitor/Josephine, F!Inquisitor/Blackwall, F!Inquisitor/Iron Bull, M!Inquisitor/Cassandra, F!Inquisitor/Sera | G]
Would you let your heart forget it? by Spiltlava [M!Lavellan/Dorian, Sera, Cole, M!Hawke, Stroud | T]

Skybound2's Final Note
It's with a bittersweet feeling that I announce that today's newsletter edition marks both our fourth anniversary AND our last edition. I would like to thank all of those who have followed us over the years. I sincerely hope that you've gotten as much out of this newsletter as we all have while making it!! And of course, I need to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all of the Editors that have worked day in, and day out to make this project a success. You are all FABULOUS!!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!!

Disclaimer: biowarenews is a comprehensive collection of links to BioWare fandom related entries here on LJ, and is not in any way associated with, nor responsible for, the content of linked entries.


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