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News, Events, & Reviews
Off-LJ Content (provided by: bioware_blog, bw_googlenews, da_googlenews, me_googlenews, swtor_news, swtorstrategies, and others)
Dragon Age
Kotaku with You Should Be Level 20 For Dragon Age's Surprise 1.5GB DLC. [Probable Spoilers]
Destructoid (registration) (blog) with My tips for playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mass Effect
PC Gamer with Mass Effect: Reborn mod announced for Homeworld: Remastered.
The Escapist with Chrono Trigger - Cause and Mass Effect.
Game Informer with PlayStation Versions Of Minecraft Getting Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
SWTOR Strategies with Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday March 24 -31 2015.

Character/Story/Meta Discussion
rose_in_shadow posts DLC: Jaws of Hakkon LIVE.
dragon_age hosts DAI DLC: Jaws of Hakkon (Official Thread).

New Communities, Challenges, & Community Updates
dragon_age hosts the Dragon Age Prompt Fest.

Fanfiction (Off-LJ content provided by: a03_swtor, ao3_dragonage, ao3_kotor, ao3_masseffect, and others)
Mass Effect
Just Once by Evil_Sapphyre [F!Shepard/Kaidan | T]
farewell to halcyon days by heathersdomain [Anderson, Shepard | G]
Observe And Report by Aural_Contraception [F!Shepard/Garrus, Aria, Bray | T]
Talk to Me by morphia [M!Shepard/Kaidan | X]
a hamster in his natural habitat - a starship by thatvagrant [F!Shepard/Kaidan | G]

Dragon Age
Filling the blanks (Chapter 1) by Inukistar [F!Lavellan/Cullen, Leliana, Josephine, Cassandra, Varric, Dorian, Iron Bull,Sera, Vivienne, Cole, Blackwall, Solas | M]
There and Back (Chapter 74) by elyssacousland [NO INFO GIVEN]
Awake and Alive (Chapter 2) by LadyMistocleese [F!Lavellan/Cullen, M!Hawke/Isabela, F!Cousland/Alistair, Dorian, Varric, Solas, Iron Bull, Harding, Leliana, Cassandra, Cole | M]
Storytellers (Chapter 1) by azri [F!Lavellan/Varric, F!Lavellan/Solas, Bianca/Varric, F!Hawke, Cassandra, Josephine, Leliana | NR]
A Certain Vernacular (Chapter 1) by ElGatoMuerte [F!Saarebas/Iron Bull, F!Cadash, Cole, Solas | M]
Fenris, the Pizza Delivery Man (Chapter 1) by mageabomination [M!Hawke/Fenris, Bethany, Merrill, Anders, Isabela | T]
love song for the admiral (Chapter 1) by klickitats [Josephine/Cullen, F!Inquisitor/Cullen, F!Inquisitor/OMC, Leliana, Cassandra, Iron Bull, Dorian | M]
The Tranquil Soldier (Chapter4) by VulpusTumultum [OCs | X]
Part of Your World (Chapter 1) by Leabbott [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, M!Trevelyan/Dorian, Alistair, Cailan, Anora, Meredith, Carroll, Rylen | X | Disney AU]
Precipice (Chapter 1) by heraldtrevelyan [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, Varric, Cassandra, Leliana, M!Hawke | M]
Healing Touches (Chapter 1) by Delouest [F!Cadash/Iron Bull | T]
Light Activity (Chapter 1) by Draught [Iron Bull/Dorian, F!Trevelyan | X]
Aftermath (Chapter 1) by ilyahna [F!Trevelyan/Cullen, F!Hawke/Anders, F!Surana/Zevran, Varric, Iron Bull, Cole, Cassandra, Leliana, Blackwall, Josephine, Solas, Fen'Harel, Fenris | M]
Everything (Chapter 1) by Cyberfairie [Iron Bull/Dorian, Varric, F!Trevelyan, Leliana | T]
Flashes of Thedas (Chapter 1) by saithecreator [F!Trevelyan/Iron Bull, Cole, Blackwall | G]
Only for You (Chapter 1) by Runecat311 [Isabela/F!Hawke/Merrill | X]
1000 Forms of Fear (Chapter 1) by jenaicompris [F!Hawke/Varric, F!Cadash/Iron Bull, F!Trevelyan/Cullen, F!Cousland/Alistair, F!Lavellan/Solas, F!Hawke/Fenris, F!Hawke/Anders, F!Lavellan/Fen'Harel, F!Trevelyan/Blackwall, Iron Bull | X]

Mass Effect
Happy Birthday, Shepard (Chapter 1) by jediserenity82 [F!Shepard/Garrus, Kaidan, Liara, James, Steve, Tali, Jack, Wrex, Grunt, Karin, Joker, EDI | M]

Disclaimer: biowarenews is a comprehensive collection of links to BioWare fandom related entries here on LJ, and is not in any way associated with, nor responsible for, the content of linked entries.

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